Rebound Squash Walls

Detail_Rebound-Squash-WallsSEARA is recognized as one of the region’s leading indoor sports court applicators and works with only the most respected global brands to bring you the best products in the industry – and few names rival Rebound when it comes to developing high-quality squash court materials.

Rebound has been in successful use since the mid-seventies in squash courts throughout Europe, Asia & the World and has earned the approval of England Squash and Racketball organization, ESRF & WSF.

Rebound system is a combination of Rebound plaster and Rebound SBR bonding agent. The plaster brings together the high tensile strength of glass fibre and the high compressive strength of a cement matrix. The fibre-matrix bonding provides a monolithic layer of tough and flexible material capable of withstanding impact, pressure, and shrinkage for many years.

SEARA understands the importance of applying high-quality materials, especially on squash courts that depend on superior walls for a competitive game. We therefore put a great deal of time and effort into extensively testing and selecting ranges that exclusively meet our standards – and your expectations.