Glass Panels

SEARA specializes in the delivery of the best-quality sports construction materials currently available in the industry. We carefully test and select the latest ranges by leading manufacturers to ensure our customers’ every need on the court is satisfied.

View walls are a key component of indoor courts and their quality plays a large role in the consistency and flow of any game – whether it is squash, racquetball or handball.

The latest system from Altempco Glass is truly state-of-the-art. A combination of modern tempering with structural glass wall engineering, high tensile polyurethane hardware, anchoring systems and glass doors creates an integral unit that distributes stresses, minimizes deflection and vibration and provides rebound and response on the playing surface of the glass.

The installation of the glass walls is also a great way to add a social element to games by allowing spectators to get much closer to the action, while players can also showcase their skills.

SEARA provides maintenance services that extend long after the equipment is fitted to ensure that you are getting as much out of your investment as participants are from playing on a top-quality court.