Wooden Multisports Flooring

Seara appreciates the importance of getting the basics right and understands that the quality of the participants and equipment is irrelevant in indoor sports if the playing surface is not up to scratch.

From amateurs to elite professionals, Prestige’s Bi-Power Panel flooring system is perfect for almost all indoor activities, including squash, badminton, volleyball and aerobics. Not only does the durable flooring system offer the uniformity required in a sports floor for shock absorption, weight distribution and ball bounce, but also ensures the safety, comfort and consistency that players of all levels expect.

Made using Prestige’s 19mm “4-Cone” Bi-Power pads for state-of-the-art shock absorption and high-quality performance, the flooring system can also withstand heavy loads such as bleachers.

Ideal for standalone indoor courts, gymnasiums and full-service fitness facilities, Seara’s expertise in installation and post-sale services ensures consistency and minimal maintenance for years to come.