Decorative Concrete

Avista Decorative Concrete by Parchem

The design options for your building project are endless with new coloured concrete and patterned concrete options. One of the best attributes of decorative concrete is that it can assume many shapes, designs, textures and patterns. With new concrete, you are starting from a clean slate and you have a wide range of options to create that stylish finish for your home. For external projects, the main applications are stamped, stencil and coloured concrete. These can be customised to your preferred colour, design and texture. Avista’s Living Concrete brochure provides you with useful information in planning your project and selecting your final finish.

Stencil Pattern Concrete
Stencil Pattern Concrete is an effect achieved by applying colours and patterns to new / existing concrete. Strong, durable & economical , the stencil pattern concrete is a system of adding colour, pattern and texture to a plain concrete slab. The finished job has the attractive look of brick or stone with a contrasting grout line. Popular looks include a fleck finish (that can replicate the look of exposed aggregate), tile, brick, pavers, bushrock, cobblestone and many other patterns.