Designed to ignite curiosity and adventure, a true discovery awaits everyone on a Kompan play area. Every playground promotes logical thinking and problem solving, increased muscle and motor skills and provides a cardio workout while being incredibly fun. The activities and equipment inspire both children and adults alike to engage in Kompan outdoor areas which are all built with inclusivity at their heart. Every play area and fitness park is tailor-made for the community it serves to ensure a ‘wow factor’ appeal, help develop skills and ensure repeat use.


Seara’s expert team will consult and construct the space to meet your requirements.
The Kompan areas that Seara specialise in are:


Sports and Fitness Areas

Outdoor gyms promote a more active lifestyle while being connected to nature. Whereas indoor gyms can sometimes seem very repititive, Kompan outdoor fitness areas blend the surroundings with exercise for a longer workout. They work well in so many locations such as parks, resorts, wooded areas or next to the beach with the idea that working out with a view inspires people to train longer.


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Kompan’s fitness areas can be used by adults and children alike and all the equipment is weather durable and extremely strong. Kompan has collaborated with the best fitness experts in the industry, including sports physiologists and physiotherapists, researchers and universities to ensure the apparatus enhances and encourages workouts.


Children’s Playgrounds

Children are full of curiosity and crave excitement and that’s just where Kompan’s outdoor areas come in to play. Each one is designed with children at its centre with a whole range of different items to increase learning. That can include musical instruments, drawing boards, trampolines and much more.


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Children’s motor skills, role playing abilities and coordination will develop as well as physical agility while on a Kompan playground.



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There’s nothing quite like a 3D adventure to help children gain confidence, balancing skills and strength. Kompan’s Spacenets do just that plus so much more. From mini Spacenets to four-mast ones, the safe climbing areas promote swinging, sliding, jumping and bouncing on super strong nets designed to hold plenty of children at once.

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They can be built with connecting rope bridges, a trampoline, a slide and ladders.
Seara is the official partner of Kompan outdoor areas within Indo China and will provide a full consultation and construction of the sites.

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