ICAROS for Home

ICAROS Home brings the fitness benefits of virtual reality training to your home. Fly and dive through virtual worlds without limit, while your body receives an invigorating workout in the plank position.

As you engage in the different scenarios before your eyes, adjusting your flight angle by moving your bodyweight, different muscle groups are being trained with a focus on upper body and core. The stimulating VR improve simultaneously improves balance and coordination. Workout intensities can be adjusted to each user’s individual needs, based on fitness level, gaming scenarios and machine settings.

Until now the benefits of this have been limited to high-end clubs and hotels. ICAROS Home systems bring the multiple health and cognitive benefits to individuals in private residences across the region.

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The platforms are optimized for home use and can be installed almost everywhere as the perfect center point to any modern games room, home gym, man cave or family room. Multiplayer capabilities also let users train with other gamers anywhere around the world, in real time. Set team goals and achieve results in leagues with other players, as your workouts become fully immersive.


Virtual Worlds, Total Immersion

Brochure Thumbnail_CascadeClub Rephouse1ICAROS provides exciting, motivating and entertaining Active VR experiences. Conquer the skies, explore underwater worlds or take part in multiplayer races with ICAROS users all over the world. ICAROS Home lets you explore glacier landscapes, breathtaking alpine scenery, outer space and the ocean depths from the comfort of your own home, with challenging courses and ‘shoot-em-up’ style games that require perfect body control.

Brochure Thumbnail_CascadeClub Rephouse1Aim for the high score and choose between modes from one up to three minutes. Optimized for “newbies’, each ICAROS game includes a variety of modes and difficulty levels with durations from 2 to 15 minutes. All experiences are optimized for various VR headsets including Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

The devices are highly mobile, lightweight and built to last. Each is supported by Seara’s region-wide service and maintenance teams, ensuring years of fun and engaging workouts.


ICAROS for Commercial Facilities

Active Virtual Reality from Icaros and Sports Engineering

Icaros provides effective, motivating, and entertaining workout experiences. Whether the user is in the sky, under the water, or in space, Icaros Virtual Reality provides and entertaining exercise experience that improves coordination, balance, and core strength. What’s more the Icaros system allows operators to share user experiences on large monitors or even run multi player sessions.

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Now you can fly over landscapes and mountains, dive back toward ground, roll right or left to bank around a bend in a ravine. Go Deep underwater diving past shipwrecks while chasing sea creatures, defy Gravity by skydiving from outer-space, shooting down helicopters and drones on approach to an aircraft carrier landing.

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