Escape Strongbox

This revolutionary, all-in-one workout station appeals to design-conscious gyms and home users looking for easy access to a full set of free weights in one piece of equipment.

An all-in-one training bench, plyo platform and equipment storage unit, this next generation of Escape’s STRONGBOX also features six adjustable levels to the bench, and an ergonomic design for comfort.


  • All-in-one workout station for increased ROI on floor space and quick transitions in individual workouts or group x.
  • Adjustable bench with six levels suitable for a range of strength exercises.
  • Ergonomic octagon shaped back pads allow clearance for exercises while your back remains supported.
  • Steel construction provides long-term strength and performance.
  • Striking futuristic design helps create a stand-out functional space that is the centrepiece of your home weights area.


  • Length: 1306mm
  • Width: 515mm
  • Depth: 520mm
  • Weight: 90kg


  • Classic Steel Dumbbells: 2KG-12KG, 4KG -14KG
  • Octagon Dumbbells: 2.5KG-15KG, 5KG-17.5KG


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