Home Fitness


SEARA understands your need for home fitness equipment. The convenience, privacy and personal goal-achievement it allows are crucial factors in your decision to buy.

Alongside this is the desire for the highest standards of build-quality, reliability and maintenance that you would expect from leading brands used in commercial fitness centres.

You may have been tempted to impulse buy an entry-level treadmill or strength-equipment through department store promotions or on TV.

However, SEARA offers a much more intelligent purchase of higher-quality, longer lasting and safer equipment. Similarly, a basic treadmill or limited-range strength equipment may not be enough for today’s fitness demands.

SEARA sells and maintains a full range of equipment to cover every area of home exercise. Each piece of equipment is designed by the world’s leading fitness brands especially for home use.

Our products include cardiovascular equipment: treadmills, bikes, rowing machines, elliptical cross trainers; multi-gyms ranging from compact units that fit into a corner to larger installations that provide varieties of functional, selectorized and ground-based strength training to fill a whole room; Pilates and yoga equipment that fold away neatly; and the latest vibration-based Power Plate trainers to concentrate your work-out.