Gamification: “The application of gaming technology into a non-gaming environment to encourage participants to engage in tasks that otherwise are viewed as boring or monotonous.”



Active Virtual Reality from Icaros and Sports Engineering

Icaros provides effective, motivating, and entertaining workout experiences. Whether the user is in the sky, under the water, or in space, Icaros Virtual Reality provides and entertaining exercise experience that improves coordination, balance, and core strength. What’s more the Icaros system allows operators to share user experiences on large monitors or even run multi player sessions.

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Now you can fly over landscapes and mountains, dive back toward ground, roll right or left to bank around a bend in a ravine. Go Deep underwater diving past shipwrecks while chasing sea creatures, defy Gravity by skydiving from outer-space, shooting down helicopters and drones on approach to an aircraft carrier landing.



Your flight machine is the Icaros Pro: a human sized gyroscope that places you into a plank position and requires you to pitch forward and back as well as roll from side to side by shifting your weight and using your core, arms, and shoulders. This is Active Virtual Reality: a fun and entertaining way work on total body coordination.

Brochure Thumbnail_CascadeClub Rephouse1Workout intensities can be altered based on fitness level, gaming scenarios, and machine settings thus providing progression, and beneficial experience for different users.The Icaros exercise experience burn calories 30% more than stationary planking.


Brochure Thumbnail_CascadeClub Rephouse1Muscle stimulation is doubled. Icaros provides an immersive, multi-sensory experience that stimulates oblique muscles, upper arms, deltoids, pectoralis, and deltoid muscles.

The focus on core muscles improves balance and coordination. In flight, task-oriented exercise improves concentration, balance, and reflexes

While gaming can be unhealthily addictive and level down ones real life health, Active Virtual Reality, through the application of gaming principles, leverages the power of immersive technologies to combine fitness and entertainment in a healthy way.


Icaros and Seara bring a new category to the wellness landscape.

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