Performance Tracking

Connecting fitness workouts

ActiMotive brings fitness tracking to gyms and personal trainers all over the world. Its easy-to-use online technology connects professionals with clients for virtual and studio classes, provides incredible workout feedback and ensures personal targets are kept on track.

BIATech2 With ActiMotive, creating individualised workouts, training programmes and goal-specific classes has never been easier. Simply input the target information and the system will help with the rest. Then choose if you want to share the workout with clients or keep it as a private file. What’s more, ActiMotive uses open-source software meaning it can be accessed on any laptop or computer. It also brings real-time studio classes into people’s homes, allowing them to connect online with personal trainers and join fitness workouts in other cities.

Never do they need to skip a class again! ActiMotive uses bluetooth to display data from machines, sensor monitors, individuals’ smart watches and fitness bands and shares it with their trainer.

Brochure Thumbnail_CascadeClub Rephouse1This real-time information can be displayed on boards at the front of the class for motivation and a competitive push between individuals or be kept private between the athlete and coach.The programme-specific software can be used on indoor bikes, indoor running and a whole host of fitness classes. There are also a wide selection of pre-recorded videos simulating outdoor environments to be used anytime.
The simple class booking system is another feature which allows gyms and class-goers alike to keep on top of their schedules and make it easy to view anywhere online. By using ActiMotive, seamless data migration has reached a brand new level.