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Know no boundaries

Workouts should have no boundaries. That’s why ActiMotive’s open source system brings exercise classes direct to the home. Gyms and personal trainers can branch out to people across the globe to join in the real-time classes, boosting revenue and gaining a competitive edge.

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At-home classes can be a real money maker for gyms and coaches, allowing people to continue their exercise no matter where they are. Trainers can see performance workouts and push their clients’ to go one step further. It isn’t restricted to group classes, either.

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One-to-one sessions between a trainer and client can happen in real time, with workout data displayed as it happens. Coaches can see where improvements need to be made and give instant positive feedback, regardless of location. No specific software is required to link up to ActiMotive, it can be accessed from a laptop or computer anywhere, making it open to all. The easy-to-use class booking system is another feature which allows gyms and exercisers to update their schedules.