Agility Training

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it

Understanding an athlete’s performance is more than just monitoring their heartrate. It’s understanding the individual as a whole. That’s where ActiMotive is different.

Brochure Thumbnail_CascadeClub Rephouse1It combines a health-related analysis with skills-related performance. Heart rate and cardio measurements are combined with coordination, reaction speeds, balance and power. This holistic approach gives trainers a complete insight to their clients’ needs and provides a detailed workout report to ultimately improve their clients’ performance. Using either smartwatches or sensor systems, ActiMotive can be used for jumping, running, yoga and any type of movement that the trainer sees fit.


This is a breakthrough from other systems which require fixed machines to monitor performance and ultimately exercises which use the same muscles over and again. Using this free movement analysis, trainers can hone in on target areas, adapt workouts and personalise every session to each individual.

Gone are the days of routine exercises, ActiMotive promotes the ultimate varied workout for the best possible results.

As an additional bonus, the motion detectors are small and portable, allowing trainers to carry them around from client to client.