Connected Fitness

Exercising has been given a whole new twist with break-through technology from virtual reality machines to complete body scans. With high-tech machines completely unparalleled in the market, fitness centres in South East Asia can increase clients, revenue and reputation. Seara is leading the computerised fitness revolution in the region with Icaros and Evolt 360.

From leading German scientists comes Icaros, a virtual reality machine that doubles core muscle strength, lessens back pain and increases motor coordination all while playing a computer game. It is a fantastic tool for rehabilitation patients and adds a whole new dimension to a fitness centre. Australian fitness group Evolt have designed a high-tech body scan with full biometrics of more than 40 different components.

The Evolt 360 gives personal trainers previously unknown insights about their clients’ anatomical make up allowing them to prepare unique workout sessions.
Seara is the exclusive distributor for Icaros and Evolt 360 in Indo China and provides a full warranty and after sales care via its regional service centres.