HIITs, Hubs and Racks

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Bring any space to life with our expertly designed HIT HUB. Forming part of our Octagon range, the HIT HUB is developed in modules that attach and expand to any size – available as either single or double- sided, with a range of accessories that can attach to any option.

It’s hard to match the robustness of our frames with such a tiny footprint and now we’ve gone one step further – you can have the storage and versatility of the HIT HUB in a freestanding frame.Using the high-grade European steel that underpins the quality and durability our frames are known for, our impressive engineers have developed freestanding versions of the HIT HUB in almost the same footprint as the fixed modules.

The single and double sided frames – from one to four bays – are all available as freestanding options, opening up your opportunities if your floor is unsuitable for a fixed frame.

What’s more, you don’t need the same level of building inspection prior to installation and you can move the frame as you redesign your club.