Commercial Fitness

Seara Fitness Systems is the leading supplier of commercial and light commercial fitness equipment to

•    Membership driven Health Clubs
•    Hotel & resort fitness centres
•    Health and recreational facilities
•    Hospitals
•    Residential and commercial real estate projects
•    Government & educational institutions

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Home Fitness

SEARA understands your need for home fitness equipment. The convenience, privacy and personal goal-achievement it allows are crucial factors in your decision to buy.

Alongside this is the desire for the highest standards of build-quality, biomechanics, reliability and maintenance that you would expect from products of this caliber.

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Sports Construction

SEARA is the exclusive distributor and approved applicator for many of the top sports surfacing product producers in the world, meeting the highest standards for international competition and recreational use alike.

SEARA constructs all types of sports, athletic and fitness surfacing projects, including tennis, football, futsal, track & field, badminton, squash, basketball, volleyball, lawn bowls, chip & put golf and artificial landscape turf.

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Active Recreation

Whether you are a professional who requires the best equipment, or a social player looking for an entertaining and enjoyable evening, Brunswick will make sure you have all the equipment and accessories you need.

Since 1845 when John Moses Brunswick built his first billiards table, the company he founded has remained focused on distinctive design, superior craftsmanship, and uncompromising quality and performance. With the introduction of other serious game tables like shuffleboard, air hockey, foosball, and table tennis, Brunswick has all major table sports covered. Become part of the legend. When you invest in Brunswick tables, you not only own the best playing tables in the world, you own part of the industry leading Brunswick Billiards heritage.

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Outdoor Wellness

People across the Globe are increasingly embracing the time-proven functional training used by the Spartans of ancient Greece and US Special Operations troops alike, to maximise strength, build muscle, boost cardiovascular fitness and burn fat. At the same time, outdoor fitness is becoming one of the most exciting growth areas in the health and fitness market.

MyEquilibria addresses both trends in a new way.

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Active Virtual Reality

Gamification: “The application of gaming technology into a non-gaming environment to encourage participants to engage in tasks that otherwise are viewed as boring or monotonous.”
Icaros provides effective, motivating, and entertaining workout experiences. Whether the user is in the sky, under the water, or in space, Icaros Virtual Reality provides and entertaining exercise experience that improves coordination, balance, and core strength. What’s more the Icaros system allows operators to share user experiences on large monitors or even run multi player sessions.

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