Seara and Life Fitness Connect Through Technical Solutions

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LF Connect is a complimentary cloud-based solution that is revolutionizing the fitness experience for both facility operators and users. LF Connect is available on the Life Fitness Elevation series cardiovascular equipment. Built in to Discover-series consoles, LF Connect allows operators to significantly differentiate their relationship with their users as well as to manage their facilities and improve their businesses.


Operators can leverage users’ interaction with all of the 12 machines in the Elevation range, creating targeted promotions and communicating key events directly to the user on large 19 inch touchscreens. Operators can also create digital solutions using their own website, monitor and analyze facility usage and the equipment, update software, and configure equipment settings for both peak usage times and energy savings periods. Users appreciate the ability to make their own custom workouts, share in house entertainment and TV channels.


Exercisers stay globally connected through the LF Connect app, as well as through infinite opportunities provided by third-party developed workout solutions; Life Fitness being the first manufacturer to allow open-platform development of new technologies to interface with its equipment.

Life Fitness, as the largest fitness equipment company in the world, offers the advantage of user familiarity and intuitive user design. Whether weight loss, nutrition, running, riding, or life style pursuits the Life Fitness user community continues to enjoy endless ways to grow and stay engaged. Operators report increased traffic to facilities through increasingly engaged memberships.


Sports Engineering And Recreation Asia Ltd (Seara) is the longest-serving Life Fitness distributor in Asia. Seara is constantly combining new technologies coming to the fitness and health industry into unique ways to  provide more responsive customer service and provide clients with more useful information regarding service and maintenance, owning and operating cost, and market to book value of used assets.

Seara seeks to steadily increase its ability to serve customers in Indochina and East Asia through business process improvement, logistic efficiency, customer and staff training, and providing the best choices and solutions for customers in the region. Through Life Fitness being at the forefront of the fitness industry in product development, cloud, and open-platform technology, Seara is able to use these tools to better both the owner- and the user-experience across all vertical markets that rely on this equipment for their business success.