Seara Revitalises Napasai’s Fitness Room

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Napasai - Koh Samui - X After 3

In 2013 Napasai by Orient Express in Koh Samui sought the assistance of SEARA to revamp their existing fitness room.

The challenge was set to bring this fitness room into the 21st century both in terms of look and equipment. A limited budget was proposed by the resort so SEARA and the General Manager worked closely together exploring ideas that would accomplish the directive while maintaining a cost effective solution. The results speak for themselves.

Napasai - Koh Samui - X After 4

High-end quality fitness equipment from Life Fitness was chosen to excite cardio users with the new Discover Series, while the strength moved into the future of fitness with the new Synrgy 360 workout system.

The Napasai fitness room is a real testament of how SEARA can work with a customer to create something exciting, turn the old into new and still maintain financial expectations!