Seara Ahead of the Curve for the AEC

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Being prepared for the present and future logistical realities have placed Sports Engineering And Recreation Asia in the forefront of regional support. Both the Asean Economic Community and the Eastern Economic Corridor are progressing and Seara is actively placing its assets and human resources to take advantage of both ongoing initiatives.

Thailand’s unique geographical position allows it to be the central hub in Indo China and South East Asia. In the Bang Ple Industrial Estate Seara has a 4,200 square meter Regional Distribution Center to serve its regional offices and customers. The economy of scale and distribution efficiency provided by sea, road, rail, and air links to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Maldives, and northern and southern Thailand is adding a new supply chain efficiency to retail, commercial, and sports construction operations by combining both trading and construction product supply. Customers are winning by this kind of consolidation for their projects and operations.