Facility Planning

“Great design is intuitive. It speaks to the body, liberates new possibilities, fuels energy and drives action”

MyEquilibria design and engineering teams, led by innovation designer Vito Di Bari, have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure maximised safety, and durability of each installation without detracting from their elegance and clean, minimalistic look and feel.

Vito is changing the world through his cutting-edge design solutions and use of scientific methods to develop creative solutions based on next-generation technologies and the latest materials, aimed at increasing the quality of our everyday lives.

In 2007, he published The Neo-Futuristic Manifesto and is unanimously considered the thought leader of the first avant-garde movement of the new century. The Financial Times defined him as “the New European Guru of Innovation” and labelled him the “Big Thinker of 2014” by The Financial Times.

Many of MyEquilibria solutions have been inspired by Voronoi Diagrams that, just like Fibonacci’s ‘Golden Ratio’ sequence, are found throughout nature. This is the secret that makes MyEquilibria wellness sculptures blend so well with the outdoor environment.

And while the concepts of outdoor workout and art have coexisted in parallel realities for centuries, they have never been integrated. Until now.

For the first time, wellness has brought together cutting-edge solutions of exercise equipment and the awe-inspiring quality of art and made them function in perfect unison. Every curve has been engineered for maximised biomechanics and optimised workout results. Every exercise session has been selected and developed under the close supervision of the world’s most demanding trainers and engineers.

World-leading designers often use the ‘affordance principle’, or the mind’s unique ability to attribute a certain action to an object’s form, to create products that are truly intuitive.

MyEquilibria is the ‘affordance’ of wellness.

The textures, forms and materials have been studied to trigger the body’s fundamental instinct to stay active. The closer you get, the harder it becomes to resist the temptation to touch its smooth surface… to reach up and grip a metal bar… to climb its thick ropes.

When technology and art function in perfect unity, this gives birth to a new generation of outdoor workout experience like no other. Experience which is more intuitive, instinct-driven and simply smarter. Experience that is better by any measure.